Project Description

The United Counseling Service (UCS) has multiple campuses in the Town of Bennington, two of which are situated close together and are interconnected in terms of the daily business they conduct.  Employees would frequently walk from one to the other down a steep slope on the narrow shoulders of a town road. MSK Engineering was hired to create an inviting, safe and scenic pedestrian route between the two spaces.  The curving and landscaped walkway illustrates how a simple design that ultimately adds much to the visual appeal and enjoyability of a public commercial environment.

MSK also worked with UCS to design a 1 million dollar expansion of a Headstart Facility in the town of North Bennington which enabled two separate Headstart campuses to merge into one.  The site needed to encompass a new drop off location, welcoming patios and adequate parking which was difficult due to the tight quarters and steep slope of the location.  Working with Goldstone Architecture, MSK was ultimately able to create a smooth functional layout for the expanded structure that seamlessly matched the historic character of the existing building and neighborhood.

Pedestrian Pathway

Headstart Facility

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