Project Description

Just outside the Village of North Bennington an old rock retaining wall that was built in the 1800s collapsed under Water Street, a road that carried 7000 vehicles per day.  The road ran parallel to a river and was located in a floodplain, which required extensive permitting.  MSK Engineering was happy to tackle the challenge of negotiating easements from the neighboring landowners and designing a new retaining wall that would be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers River Division and also be cost effective for the Village.

Likewise, MSK worked to stabilize a slope and roadway in the Town of Bennington, on River road at the edge of New York.  River road runs across the peak of a steep grassy hillside with poor soils that easily erode as they are saturated by spring rains.  In this case, MSK partnered with a geotechnical firm that designed a geosynthetic reinforced retaining wall comprised of layers of fabric that extended horizontally under the roadway and were bolstered on the slope side by Gabion baskets.  In the design of this project and important aspect was that the Town of Bennington be able to construct and implement the project themselves.

Water Street

River Road

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