Project Description

In early 2009 the Town of Bennington contracted with MSK Engineering to design plans for a muti-million dollar project that would extend 20,000 feet of new waterline to serve a low-pressure zone.  This design included obtaining an easement through the property of Southern Vermont College (SVC). However, the funding hurdles proved too great at the time and the Town decided to wait until a future date to move forward.

Three years later, Southern Vermont College found contamination in several of their water sources. SVC approached MSK Engineering to provide a cost estimate for a connection to the Town of Bennington’s waterline which would include a pump station to provide water to the lower campus and dorm building.   MSK saw a possibility to kill two birds with one stone and approached the Town with a plan for collaboration. If the Town were to take the College’s contamination issue on to its own shoulders, the Town would then be ranked higher in terms of necessity and would therefore receive a larger amount of funding from the State Revolving Fund Loan more quickly to complete at the first part of the of the previously designed waterline extension.  By working with SVC to build not only a pump station, but also a 750,000 gallon pre-stressed concrete water tank,  the Town would save money on a needed project that would ultimately bring low pressure areas beyond SVC into compliance. In collaboration with both clients, MSK created a successful and detailed cost sharing model that enabled SVC to also save money by not having to finance the pump station and 5,000 feet of pipe entirely on its own.  

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