Project Description

In August of 2011 the Town of Bennington suffered severe infrastructure damage from Hurricane Irene.  MSK Engineering provided construction support and assisted the Town for both the temporary emergency repairs as well as the design, permitting and construction administration of the reconstruction effort.  Attention was first focused on a damaged waterline that had previously run underneath the Bolles Brook.  MSK redesigned an aerial crossing which tied into the existing stable bridge and would help to prevent any future damage to the water supply.  In addition to this washout, the raw water intake line from Bolles Brook was also destroyed and MSK worked to reconstruct and repair that in short order.

MSK was responsible for coordination with FEMA through the design and construction administration process, and negotiated reimbursement to the Town of Bennington for the proposed project scope which also included three separate bridge repairs.

One such bridge was the Hunt Street Pedestrian Bridge.  In the early 20th century a two-span covered bridge connected the banks of the Roaring Branch of the Walloomsac River.  Eventually that was washed away and was replaced by a two-span steel pedestrian bridge which stood for decades and provided a favorite fishing spot and scenic river walk. With funds provided from the state reconstruction efforts, the Town of Bennington approved $625,000 for the construction of a new, flood-resistant crossing.  MSK Engineering worked with a local structural engineer to design an arched bridge with a greater elevation and to re-establish its bank shoring so that the bridge could exist without center supports.

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